The Confidence Sessions
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The Confidence Sessions

Does this sound familiar?:

-You often get guilted into doing things you don't want to do, or don't have time for.

-You don't speak up for fear of disappointing others or rocking the boat.

-You get good news or start to make progress towards a goal and you hear a voice inside your head saying mean shit like, "They're going to find out you are a fraud." "You are going to let everyone down, like you always do." "What if they don't actually like me." 

-You aren't sure what your intuition sounds like. "I mean what if it is my fear talking? How can I know the right thing to do?"

I understand. This was my struggle too. That's why I created this series to help you:

-Establish boundaries and say NO to shit you don't want to do. 

-Strengthen your intuition. 

-Stop worrying more about what everyone else thinks, and care more about what YOU want. 

-Stop apologizing and over-explaining yourself. 

-Really SPEAK up for yourself. 

-Set boundaries and not feel bad about it. 


How are we doing this you ask?

This series is designed to give you ongoing support. Starting with:

  1. Monthly 3 hour deep dive in an in-person workshop. 
  2. Private FB community where you can get support from other women and Me (your coach). I will also give personalized worksheets and homework throughout the month to really anchor in the practices you learn in the workshops.
  3. Monthly 1:1 calls with Nicole. Any questions or areas where you are getting stuck I am here for you. 

Dates and Location:

  • Workshop Dates Saturdays: April 15, 2-5pm, May 13, 2-5pm, and June 10, 2-5pm. All sessions will be recorded, so if you cannot attend live, you can receive the recording. 

  • Workshop Location: Desert Yoga Therapy 

  • Investment $397

What people are saying about working with Nicole.

I have greatly enjoyed my Radiant Living Sessions with Nicole. They have been very heart-centered and nourishing to my being! Taking the time to be gentle and kind to ourselves is so necessary and Nicole helps us to prioritize that during our time together. -Meg H


Radiant Living Sessions have led me to a complete unraveling of the Self. The valuable training have assisted me when I felt the need to make some real, lasting change. - Eve G.

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